Welcome to The Gravesend Gazette: Historical News From Southern Brooklyn, a blog of occasional pieces on my favorite topic, Gravesend, Brooklyn, New York. By no means do I claim to be the expert on Gravesend, but I have been obsessed with learning about the history of this neighborhood since childhood, and to that end have amassed a sizable collection of images, documents, and information which it is now my pleasure to share and write about. I welcome comments and stories from fellow and former residents. Let me hear from you!

–Joseph Ditta (webmaster@gravesendgazette.com)

5 responses to “About

  1. Katherine Brannick

    I live in NJ and have a painting of the Gravesend Village Nursery signed and dated by Louis Saphier dated 1932. I always thought it was a painting of a nursery in my area Hunterdon Cty. in NJ. I am moving and decided to google the painting and discovered your web site. Can you give me any information of the locale of the nursery and the valve of the painting. Thank you.

  2. Maybe related to Conrad Saphier of Tilden High School fame?

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