The Mud-Gutter Band

Post-1907 real photo postcard identified on back as “Ed Clark’s Band, Brooklyn, NY / X is Ed.” (Collection of Joseph Ditta)

Occasionally a small group of street musicians would find our community. On impressive brass horns which could be heard a long way off they played rollicking numbers, filling the children with excitement. Their serious, energetic approach and the loudness of their music on the quiet lanes amused the farmers who, to please their offspring, sent coins for these impromptu concerts, but among themselves, called the invaders, “The Mud-Gutter Band.” — Gertrude Ryder Bennett, Living in a Landmark (Francestown, New Hampshire: Marshall Jones Company, 1980), 65.

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2 responses to “The Mud-Gutter Band

  1. Cynthia Anderson

    Hi Gurtrude, I have finally found a Ryder relative you do not know me
    but my Grandfather was Gerald Ryder he was married to my Grandmother
    who was a Skidmore, her median name was Edith McKeever and they
    were both born in 1885 and married in 1906 I was wondering if you if
    we could some haw compare information by email since I live in New
    Jersey and travel is sometime inconvenient for me Since Imdo not drive.
    I would like to hear from you from time to time. My email is raisedbycats@ Cynthia Anderson

    • Hi Cynthia. I think you’re a bit confused. Gertrude Ryder Bennett (1901-1982), whose writing I quoted for this blog post, died 35 years ago. I’m afraid I cannot help you with your genealogy research. Best wishes, Joseph Ditta

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