After the Races


Real photo postcard: “POLICE MEET” / SHEEPSHEAD BAY / RACE TRACK / By Bowman {Collection of Joseph Ditta}

The New York State Legislature banned betting in 1910, forcing Brooklyn’s three major horse racing tracks — at Gravesend, Brighton Beach, and Sheepshead Bay — to close. Once the quadrupeds were gone, the turf turned to legal sporting events, such automobile racing and stunt flying. In this real photo postcard, a high-hatted spectator at one of the Police Honor Roll Relief Fund Games (possibly this meet from 1916) smiles at us against the backdrop of the grandstand at Sheepshead Bay. Is that Hamilton B. Urglar to the left, in the black and white stripes?

Copyright © 2016 by Joseph Ditta (




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2 responses to “After the Races

  1. Julia Bedard

    Dear Mr. Ditta,I will be at the Historical Society on Friday – by 4:30 for movie night – & would like to met you, & say, “hello”, if you’re available. Thank you!Julia Bedard

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